Welcome to our website! Booking on this website gives you access to Manarola "ZTL-F area".
The entries for the year 2024 are scheduled by the decree of the Municipal Police no. 2 (20/02/2024) Click here! to read the decree.
Once having entered your request for access permits , if your date and time is available, you have to pay the entry fee (only credit card payment is accepted).
After the payment, the customer will find on their wall of permits the entry permit.
The permit must be displayed both on the tourist buses that are allowed to entry in the "Manarola ZTL-F area".
For greater certainty, it is noted that the Access Fee does not include the parking fee in the Zorza Parking Area.
The parking operator who welcomes the tourist buses in the reserved parking area will scan the QR Code on the Access Permit and let the passengers get off the bus.
In 2022 tourist buses are not allowed into the "Manarola ZTL A Area" in the following days:
  • From March 29th to April 2nd
  • From April 24th to May 2nd
  • From May 31st to June 3rd
  • From August 10th to August 18th
  • Within the days above mentioned, even if requested, no access authorization will be issued to the "Manarola ZTL A area"
    On the the website (clicking on Polizia Municipale) you will find all the information you need about rules and current fees